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From September 12 2014 to September 21 2014

San Gennaro

The miracle of Patron Saint’s blood dissolution mixes both Neapolitan sacred and profane lifestyle. San Gennaro’s blood, according to Christian tradition, was collected in a vial immediately after his beheading at Pozzuoli in 305. The miracle would be his blood’s liquefaction three times a year, including one in September 19th. A similar phenomenon, it is supposed to happen also in Pozzuoli, where, in the San Gennaro’s church the marble slab on which the achibishop was beheaded, shows a lively blood spot  in conjunction with the miracle of blood’s dissolution at the Cathedral of Naples. According the popular tradition if the miracle does not happen some heavily dramatic and harmful events will occurred to the town.  That’s why all the town goes to the Cathedral and pray or rails at  the saint, waiting for the blessful miracle. At this occasion you can also admire the beauty of this wonderful Cathedral with his Partron’s treasure: extraordinary masterpieces all donations collected in seven centuries of popes, kings, emperors as well as both famous and ordinary people. These unique collections have been saved by the Deputazione of San Gennaro’s Chapel, an ancient secular institution that still exists from 1527 as a vote of the city of Naples. Today the treasure is exhibited in the Museum San Gennaro. According to studies done by a pool of experts it would be even richer than the crown of England and the Tsar of Russia.

This offer consists of :

A welcome drink with a bottle of sparkling wine in the room.

A welcome help: a detailed map of the city with some very useful informations on the artistic treasures of Naples

A Pizza lunch in our restaurant La Locanda del Grifo or From1926. Drinks are not included.

10% discount for the purchase of local products at the I Sapori di Neapolis store.

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