Vom 05 Dezember 2014 bis 08 Dezember 2014

The Conception celebration

Italian Christmas period begins with The Conception’s celebration . The town is full decorated with Christmas trees and colored lights waiting for December 25. During this period the confusion between the sacred and the profane probably reached its peak In Naples more than in any other city. Its shepherds’street that’s San Gregorio Armeno first is invaded by people searching for not only some of Christian witnesses. Actually they are waiting for some "nuances" among all those messages this ancient art churns out with the proverbial Neapolitan fantasy. While you will be walking along the Decumani, after having had a good coffee and a baba or a sfogliatella, you will be able to assist to this explosion of vitality and confusion that makes your day very original and let you all be satisfyied for your journey’s choice.

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